The Heart Way

The Heart Way is a unique experience based on Intellectual Emotional Spiritual Physical balance and utilizes a dynamic approach to healing that was developed so individuals may move to a different level of consciousness when provided the tools to do so. These events are designed as a means of offering deep reflective experiences that allow participants to achieve new dimensions in healing.

The HART Center

At The HART Center™ there are myriad opportunities to move into conscious living through utilizing cutting edge techniques that span much more than conventional care. The foundations of The Heart Way™ process is based on studying with some of the most learned teachers of our time, such as Jacquelyn Small, Fred Allen Wolf, and Dr. Darren Weissman. We utilize diverse experiential processes as well as conventional therapeutic interventions to help people discover a deeper meaning and purpose. The Heart Way protocol includes such things as acupuncture detoxification, psychodrama, conscious movement, EMDR, and seventeen techniques that Dr. Jane Abraham has developed over the past 36 years.
We utilize a wide array of holistic practices such as reiki, body work, meditation, astrology, art expression and many other practices that help participants integrate balance into their everyday routine through lifestyle shaping ©.
Although we utilize traditional therapy, The HART Center™ is not a traditional program. It is designed for individuals who desire to explore their life’s journey as well as for those who have struggled to attain and maintain intellectual emotional spiritual physical balance©.
The milieu for The Heart Way™ Events incorporates the mind body spirit approach in a process that is truly an individualized protocol honoring the healer / teacher in each of us as we move onto the vertical path of living your life more authentically.